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About  Katie McBrearty-Shields (owner)
Katie grew up on a farm right here in Austin Texas.  She spent her early years riding horses, observing animals and their amazing instincts, showing animals in the livestock show and becoming aware of life.
From a early age she use to guide her wonderful mother through a guided relaxation to help her mom recover from a day of work.  Katie would spend hours twisting and turning her body into shapes and her mom always told her she was doing yoga.
That passion for watching life grew into wanting to help others find the peace and joy that is here for us.  Katie finished Acupuncture School in 2002. (Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine).  She later fell back in love with yoga and completed her teacher training with Mandy Eubanks at Castle Hill Yoga and began participating in many meditation and yoga workshops.
In 2002 Katie opened Ancient Arts Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.  She has now brought together all of these wonderful healing traditions and opened Wisdom Unfolding.  

Here is a little of what you will find at our beautiful new space.
 16 Years of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Experience
  Private and Community Acupuncture
  Private and Community Yoga
  Personal Training
  Somatic Techniques to help release stress, aniexty and pain
  Personal Training

If you are open to doing your part, we can help you.  The pain, stress, overweight,
aniexty whatever it is you are looking for help with has come to your body either to show you something, to slow you down, to cover up pain,  etc.  When ready to heal, we must first find the reason and then make some life style changes. Even if it seems like a simple pain for you - you must change the way in which brought the injury to you or it will not heal.

Katie's love is to help guide you through healing your body and mind.