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Lori A. Barr
I am so excited to welcom Lori Barr to Wisdom Unfolding.  Lori has been physically fit most of her adult life.  She has been doing everything from running, aerobics, weight training, boot camps, yoga and CrossFit for many years.  In 2010 she found CrossFit and that is when she noticed a complete change in her mind and body.  In 2015 Lori had a serious knee injury and had to reinvent herself with her exercise routine.  She became a Certified Personal Trainer in April 2017 and she and her husban moved to Austin in June 2017.  Lori and Jay are empty nesters that love being outdoors walking their dogs, enjoying nature.  They also love visiting their dauthter in Denver, Co. and twin sons who are currently in college.

Lori's goal is to help people with physical limitations (due to age or injury) so she fits right in!  She loves to keep people moving safely, while shwing them different exercises for functional fitness.

Lori uses a variety of modalities, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, bands BOSU ball, themselves and can show you how to work smarter not harder!
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Mon., Wed. Fri., 9-2

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Fee Schedule:

1-5 sessions $65.00 per hour
10 sessions $60.00 per hour
15 sessions $55.00 per hour
20 sessions $50.00 per hour


"Don't stop
when your're 
tired.  STOP
when you a
are DONE."