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Katie McBrearty-Shields, L.Ac., RYT 200

Through much love and dedication,  Katie McBrearty-Shields has found her path to help heal others.    For the last 19 years  Katie has been learning healthy ways of living and is loving the opportunity of helping others through the different  modalities she has studied.
Graduating in 2002 from the Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she holds a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.  She is licensed in the state of Texas.  Katie also
is a Yoga Instructor.  Currently teaching at Yoga Yoga, Studio Mantra and in her own studio.   She teaches her love for yoga which is life changing.  She also teaches private lessons and childrens yoga in her office. 
Through classes and workshops she has spent many hours learning ways to help people take charge of their life.  Much time is spent on educating patients on diet, exercise and how not to take life to seriously.  When we let go of the stories we make up the mind and body can change, learning how to do this can be the difficult part.
 Katie was born and raised on a small farm in south Austin.  At a very young age Katie would practice her own made of form of yoga, never knowing there was such a thing.  To this day Katie remembers her mom telling her she was doing yoga.  Katie would also spend many evenings walking her mom through a guided meditation to relax her body and what she use to call letting your mind go blank.  

Katie has two children, a son and daughter who are both raising families in Austin.  She also has two step sons.  In her spare time you will find Katie playing with he wonderful grandchildren, researching, going to workshops and loving life.  

Katie's goal is to help the people of Austin achieve their health and wellness goals.  She believes in a holistic approach to health and eating habits can cure a number of common health related problems.  At the same time learning to calm the mind, listen to the heart and let go of what is no longer serving us can lead to a healthy soul!