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Katie McBrearty-Shields, L.Ac., RYT 200

Take the Time to Find You Again
Our group is warm and welcoming.  I so love Renee Trudeau's book - The Mothers Guide To Self Renewal.  Using her book, I will help guide you through finding your own inner widsom.
I have treated women for years and found we are often too busy to take care of ourselves.  When we can connect with other women who are either going through the same things or 
have been through simular situations, we can learn from one another and support each 
The Time To Join Is Now -- The Place To Join Is
8133 Mesa Lane #101, Austin, Texas 78759
Come to Learn more and to join on January 17, 2017
6:30-8:30 pm
Learn more about  our self renewal group, yoga, personal training and acupuncture by coming to our open house!   Or just call to join, make your first appointment and to learn more about Wisdom Unfolding and Ancient Arts Acupuncture.  If you have questions please feel free to call me anytime:  512-653-6131.  Katie McBrearty-Shields

Also see below for more information about The Mothers Guide To Self Renewal.  Remember,
you are never to old to join.  Once a mother always a mother.
Based on the award-winning he Mothers's Guide to self Renewal, a PRG Women's circle offers you;  n

1.  Support for reconnecting with "who you are"
2. Daily resources for enhancing life balance
3. Tools and strategies for self-renewal
4. Community and connection with like-minded woman

I became a Facilitator for Reee Trudeau program because I knew I have something special to offer women.  After years of treating fertility,  womens health all the while teaching 98% women in yoga I knew I had something special to offer.    I totally love that Renee has laid out an amazing program the her book The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal and has allowed us to help guide people through to health and happiness.

Please join me in January 2018, when I will meet you just where you are and walk you through this amazing well thought out program.  Here I will hold space for you to renew the real you!

Please contact me if you have more questions!   512-653-6131