Ancient Arts Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Based on the award-winning he Mothers's Guide to self Renewal, a PRG Women's circle offers you;  

1.  Support for reconnecting with "who you are"
2. Daily resources for enhancing life balance
3. Tools and strategies for self-renewal
4. Community and connection with like-minded woman

I became a Facilitator for Reee Trudeau program because I knew I have something special to offer women.  After years of treating fertility,  womens health all the while teaching 98% women in yoga I knew I had something special to offer.    I totally love that Renee has laid out an amazing program the her book The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal and has allowed us to help guide people through to health and happiness.

Please join me in January 2018, when I will meet you just where you are and walk you through this amazing well thought out program.  Here I will hold space for you to renew the real you!

Please contact me if you have more questions!   512-653-6131