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Katie McBrearty-Shields, L.Ac., RYT 200

Healing Through Yoga
Katie began taking yoga classes in 1999 while in Chinese Medicine School.  At the time Katie was in Graduate School full time, was raising two boys, was coaching swimming full time and married to her wonderful husband Robert.  S he knew she needed to find a way to calm the mind.

When Katie was very yound she loved to sit and put her body into different poses.  Her wonderful mom would tell her she was doing yoga.  Katie had no clue what yoga was at that time but what she did notice that when she took the time to play in this way she found peace.  When she was going through the stress of school, family, work she was excited that Yoga Yoga was right down the street from her school.
Katie continued going anytime possible, she took a short break when opening her first office and as soon as possible she returned.
Eventually she knew she wanted to further her studies in yoga and took a teacher training with Mandy Eubanks at Castle Hill Fitness.  Mandy was such a inspiration and great teacher, Katie knew she wanted to teach.  She has been blessed to take many workshops, retreats and classes with some of Austin's most loved teachers.  Jenn Wooten, Angie DuBoise Knight, Kim Shaefer and Mary Richardson.
One thing Katie loves to share with her students is -- Yoga is your practice.  Take it lightly, feel what the practice does for you.  Stay with it and watch the change!  If you want to learn more about what this practice can do for you -- Call Katie!

She can't wait to meet you on your mat!

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