Healing Through Yoga
Katie's goal in teaching yoga is to help people wake up to their true self.  We get so caught up in our families, our work, what we need to do and or where we need to be, that we forget who we really are.  We are often told that we need to make sure and take care of ourself so we go  to a movie, go out for a drink with  friends, take a afternoon to ourself and read a book.  While this is a lot of fun and we enjoy those activities we are not going inside ourself.  We are not nurturing our souls and finding what it is our true self needs.  We are distracting ourself from what is.  (Not always a bad thing)

Yoga taught Katie to look inside.  Just Like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz.  You are already home no matter where you are.  We often forget that and start looking for what will make us happy.  We each have the ability to be happy just as we are.  It is Katie's belief that through yoga, you can begin the process of looking inward.  Everytime you practice you have the opportunity to see how your body feels at that moment, how you should practice at that time.  What is your body asking for?  And then -- you can do any yoga practice listening to your body either slowing it down, adding to the practice, maybe lying in savasana through the entire practice -- whatever, listening and learning to what your heart, mind and body is requesting of you at that moment.

Katie is well informed of the human body, the mind and picking up on what her students need.  You will find your heart opening, your body strengthening and becoming flexiable and your mind softening when you take Katie's classes.

She can't wait to meet you on your mat!

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