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Ancient Arts Acupuncture
​Health & Wellness Coach

Heading 3

​8133 Mesa Dr., #101
​Austin, Texas  78759


Let's get you path to healing going!

The path to healing may not be what you have in mind.  When we heal we put our best foot foward and then surrender to what is.
There is now evidence that you can reduce your cancer risk.  We also now know that by focusing on certain areas of your health and wellness you can prevent and or support treatment of cancer, auto immune diease, heart diease, etc. 

And better yet, we can learn better health and wellness tactics to help us prevent diease.  Of course, there are those people who eat healthy, exercise, meditate and still become ill.  But for the most part by taking care of ourselves we can stay healthy and or learn tips on how to overcome our diagnoses by doing a few things to help our Western Medicine treatment work a little better.

This is what I am here to help you do.  Several people very near and dear to me have been diagnosed with cancer.  This inspired me to become a Health Coach and to learn all I can about diet, lifestyle, spirituality, mindfullness, supplements and exercise.

If you would like to learn more about the 6 month program I am currently offering please send me your email.  I will write you back and we can find a time to meet either online or in person.

You are never too young or too old to get healthy.  Let Katie help you!

Would you like more information?

Please send me your name email and phone number if you would like to talk