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Ancient Arts Acupuncture
​Health & Wellness Coach

Heading 3

​8133 Mesa Dr., #101
​Austin, Texas  78759


Join Nancy every Tues. evening if you would like to experience ultimate rest and relaxation.
By donation

Nancy began her yoga journey in 2004 to add exercise and movement to her life.  Working in the corporate world meant lots of sitting behind a desk or on a plane.  She realized that movement was important for a healthy lifestyle and aging.   Her first yoga class was Vinyasa Flow and she soon began to count on this time not only for movement but also for the time to destress.  Living in Austin has provided many opportunities to study Hatha, Anusara and Iyengar yoga with some of the very best teachers.  During recovery of a frozen shoulder, Nancy found Restorative yoga and immediately fell in love.  Later, after yoga teacher training she attended a Restorative yoga workshop with Lizzie and Judith Lasater.  It was in this workshop that confirmed her path for teaching.    
Nancy’s restorative classes include a time for centering and gentle movement to aid in shedding the stresses held in the mind and body before settling into the relaxing restorative poses.  Her goal for her students is that they leave practice with a feeling of restoration and the ability to sleep with ease.